IDETEC Unmanned Systems

Santiago, Chile

+56 2 25814554

Our company is located in Chile (Santiago) and United States (Homestead, FL). IDETEC Unmanned Systems is a company with a strong expertise in unmanned aviation. Design, Development, Production, Training and Support is our core business and We encourage our engineers, technicians and business partners to always improve and introduce innovative features in our products. Our UAS family responds to the needs of our customers.

We have a continuos development program with a clear and ambicious roadmap. This program has been the key of our success, delivering high-end technology to our customers. Our products has been used in tough environments, both for the UAS and the Operator. We are proud of our quality and milestones across the years.

Each time you operate an IDETEC UAS, You are leveraging a decade of innovation, expertise and passion for unmanned aviation.

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