Meadowfield united kingdom

Snelflight was founded in 1997 by Phil Jermyn, Roderick Snell and Joe Wilcox, to develop, manufacture and market a novel concept for an indoor model helicopter. Two years later we launched the Hoverfly, which back then was the first indoor model helicopter to reach the marketplace. The Hoverfly sold well and we went on to develop further models many of which were “firsts”, including the first indoor Chinook helicopter model, the first indoor vertical take-off aeroplane, and the smallest (still!) single-channel hovering UFO.

We continue to develop new products, and our latest model, the QuadPod remains true to our ideals of well thought out solid design, rugged simplicity of construction and superb control characteristics. We have always made our models accessible to new pilots, so ease of set-up is designed in from the start. They “just work” with minimal complication, and are excellent machines with which to learn to fly.

Roderick Snell and Joe Wilcox are both semi-retired, and Snelflight is headed up by Phil Jermyn and his wife Molly. Both development and manufacturing are done in our UK premises and this accessibility allows us to provide some of the best customer support in the industry, something which we are very proud of. We are always happy to answer questions whether technical or not, and to sort out any difficulties.

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