Vespa Drones

Zborovská 281/98, Doudlevce, 301 00 Plzeň-Plzeň 3, Czech Republic

+420 773 964 445

Vespa Drones is a company that centres around basic ideals of its employees. Vespa Drones stands for professional and hobby, Vespa Drones stands for experience, reliability and sincerity. Vespa Drones is all that you need to look for in the field of UAVs. Our company is focusing on promotion, sales and service works which are connected with unmanned aerial vehicles. Vespa Drones was found recently by a group of UAV veterans. They combined their powers to create what they think will satisfy any future customer. Vespa Drones guarantees top class services, highly professional approach and experienced team of employees.

Our company was founded in early 2011 by experts in the development and operation of unmanned aerial vehicles. From the beginning we try to offer and deliver professional UAV, drones and copters that help our customers in various applications, where the deployment of conventional helicopters and airplanes are uneconomical or impossible.

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